Guys I hosted the ‘Doctor’s Panel Talk’

I spoke, I introduced Surgeons that are experts in their fields,  and I ran the talk/event. It was crazy, I’ve  never felt so nervous in my life. God opened a door for me, an opportunity for me and I took it. It wasn’t  smooth sailing, I stumbled on my words with some occasionally stuttering and I couldn’t even pronounce ‘ALLERGIC’. After numerous attempts I finally got it and the audience laughed.  I cracked a smile, maybe they were just trying to ease the tension. I got into the flow of things as I read the credentials of some the surgeons, each of them helplessly smiling to encourage me the more. Two of them weren’t able to attend, due to unforeseeable circumstances , and that was perfectly fine as we  overran with the 5 surgeons we had.

I can see I am pushing/putting myself out there. If you would have asked me to host anything close to an event such as the talk a year ago, I would kindly decline because I saw myself as the shy and quite type. But in the years to come, I want to be more confident in myself and my abilities. So in order to do so, I have to take on opportunities that come my way and not let fear and self doubt take it’s toll.

After introducing the surgeons with my partner, each surgeon took to the stage and spoke about their subspecialty. It had to be the best talk I’d ever attended in years. Each speaker so interesting and passionate about their speciality, granting as invaluable knowledge we’ll need and use as I was sure to have seen students jotting down notes. I think I was far too excited to listen at times, but when I did catch up with their talks, I was in awe. Do I want to be a surgeon? Well they sold it to me. The talk surely inspired and motivated students. One of the speakers actually completed a bachelors, masters, and PHD before embarking on Medicine knowing the medical career was all he could picture himself having. He is now a consultant Neurosurgeon. Graduate students studying a mere  bachelors, such as I,  would have definitely been encouraged as the time and journey it takes to get there accounts for nothing once you’ve achieved it. Have faith, because all things are truly possible for those who believe. As a Christian, the ‘faith’ mentality has truly helped me and It’s something I am still working on.

The subspecialties spoken about included: Ophthalmology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, and Gynaecology and Oncology.

Here are a few pictures from the evening:


Christmas break is going well. First week was totally relaxation time. Did I deserve it? I don’t think so. I’ve got a lot of lectures from Semester A to catch up on, or It’ll haunt me in Semester B. So now I’ve got approximately 2 weeks to finish ALL LECTURES NOTES on about 4 modules. Not too bad.

I apologise for not going into much detail of the event, this post is sort of a small update.

Hope you’re all enjoying your Christmas break!

Happy Holidays

-D x

John 5:38 ‘But you do not have His word abiding in you, because whom He sent, Him you do not believe.’

Treasurer, Academic Officer, and Buddy Mentor

It’s exactly 1:50 am here in Essex, and to be honest I have no idea why I’m up so late. Yesterday, I went to the gym – It’s been the second time this week and I’m quite chuffed with my somewhat mediocre process. I’m hoping to go either Saturday or Sunday this week but I’m sore ( basically I decided to lift weights to help reduce some arm flab and now I can’t even cope with the simplest of tasks – slight exaggeration but I just hope this isn’t all in vain). Right now, I’m trying to get a head start with lectures but it’s proven difficult without actual lectures for each module so I’ve decided to read from one of the many recommend textbooks. But there’s that chance of it being entirely irrelevant. I guess you could always look at it as brushing up on ‘background knowledge’, I believe building on my foundation even if it’s the basics can help ease the complexity of concepts to come. The topic of tonight is the ABO system under the chapter ‘Blood, Heart, and Circulation’. Anyhow – I digress.

The new semester is looming and It seems I’ve applied for a few roles in various societies. So in the upcoming semester I’ll be a treasurer, academic officer, and a buddy mentor. Hopefully  I haven’t got too much on my plate. Second year is usually the dreaded year due to the step up in workload, reading, and detail in lectures. In terms of detailed lectures, first year lectures are detailed however reading beyond the scope isn’t really necessary despite being recommended. I think it’s when you get into second year when reading around the subject becomes imperative; it allows you to grasp concepts that may not be addressed in lectures – so to speak. From what I hear (upper year students) some say lecturers tend to award more marks in exams when providing ‘more than they’ve asked’- I’m not too sure If this still applies. Nevertheless reading beyond the requirement shouldn’t be approached as a task but something of interest.

As a treasurer I am expected to attend all programs organised by the society, manage budget – apply for funding and grants, control public expenditure, liaise with the event manager and so forth. For the academic officer post I am expected to aid with organisation of academic related events, contact speakers, liaise with the secretary to help schedule events for the academic year and lastly, buddy mentor. In sixth form I was a peer mentor. As little as the role may seem I found being mentor to someone of a younger age rewarding. I was literally there for someone and I felt I could actually be of use – even if it was just listening to how their day went or how annoying their friends were. I enjoyed it so much so I jumped at the opportunity of being a buddy mentor in university. I remember my first week – disastrous. I was lost, confused, and I had no idea on how to take notes during lectures or even how to approach my studies and so I got into a panic frenzy. I remember one night, I called my parents in tears about human anatomy because of how remarkably behind on notes I was.Looking back now, It really wasn’t the content of human anatomy I found difficult but my study habit for the module was all wrong. I realised this half way through the course and changed how I studied for human anatomy. It was as simple as that. To get to the point of figuring out what I was doing wrong and actually adapting to the circumstances was purely down to the fact I had asked those around me, people within my year and those who have already been through it; how did you study for human anatomy? Should I really be focusing on this – and that? Do I really have to learn all of this? I even used YouTube Videos as a resource. You really do learn from others.

So really, being a buddy mentor for someone who’s just entering the big wide world of university is great, I can’t wait to be of help. But without a doubt I am a little intimidated. I don’t want to underperform in any of these positions and even resorted to backing out from one of them to make things easier – because of the anticipated workload etc but I feel second year is sort of the best time to get in all the extra-circular activities before third year (which accounts for 60% of the degree hence requires the upmost attention). After consulting my parents of this new fear, they gave me this scripture; Proverbs 29:25 ‘The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the LORD shall be safe’. What I took from this scripture – fearing the opinions and thoughts of men concerning ourselves does place a trap in our lives. It stops us from seeking opportunities and challenges before us because we’re either afraid to fail or afraid of what people may think and say about us when we do fail. And It’s something I’ve been battling with. But knowing that trusting in the Lord and that he will never forsake me, I shouldn’t have to worry or be fearful but instead dive head first into opportunities to come. I am going to try my very best in these roles – and even if I make a mistake who cares? I’ll rise above and learn from it. The mistakes we encounter are what really makes us.

Be fearless

Have a lovely week,

-D x

Proverbs 29:25 ‘The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the LORD shall be safe’